Glass Tablet Bottle 750ml with 53-400 neck finish

Type III amber glass tablet bottles are a sustainable solution for packaging nutritional supplements in pill or capsule form.




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NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
Glass Tablet Bottle 625ml with 53-400 neck finishGlass62564053-4001548598319
Glass Tablet Bottle 750ml with 53-400 neck finishGlass75080053-40016592114357
Glass Tablet Bottle 60ml with 33-400 neck finishGlass606933-40076454073
Glass Tablet Bottle 300ml with 53-400 neck finishGlass30033553-4001276888210
Glass Tablet Bottle 400ml with 53-400 neck finishGlass40044053-4001377581225
Glass Tablet Bottle 500ml with 53-400 neck finishGlass50055053-4001478188270
Glass Tablet Bottle 100ml with 38-400 neck finishGlass1008838-40088505392
Glass Tablet Bottle 120ml with 38-400 neck finishGlass1209538-400955356110
Glass Tablet Bottle 150ml with 45-400 neck finishGlass15010045-4001005658122
Glass Tablet Bottle 175ml with 45-400 neck finishGlass17510745-4001075864138
Glass Tablet Bottle 200ml with 45-400 neck finishGlass20011045-4001106166145
Glass Tablet Bottle 250ml with 45-400 neck finishGlass25011845-4001186573170
Glass Tablet Bottle 300ml with 45-400 neck finishGlass30033445-4001286983205
Glass Tablet Bottle 60ml with 38-400 neck finishGlass607638-40076455373
Glass Tablet Bottle 75ml with 38-400 neck finishGlass758338-40083458682
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