Closure 38-400 ribbed side, matte top




Multiple colours


Size (ml)

Overflow (ml)

Neck finish

Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Label Height (mm)

Weight (g)

Pallet specs


Pallet Quantity


Pallet Dimensions (cm)

100 x 120 x 255

Pallet Weight (kg)


Packaging specs




Dimensions (cm)

53 x 35 x 33

Weight (kg)


Other products in this category

NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
Closure 48-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--48-4001150-4
Closure 53-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--53-4001155-5
Closure 58-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--58-4001259-6
Closure 63-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--63-4001265-7
Closure 70-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--70-4001172-8
Closure 89-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--89-4001592-16
Closure 100-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--100-40016104-20
Closure 120-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--120-40018123-26
Closure 63-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--63-4001266-7
Closure 70-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--70-4001273-9
Closure 89-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--89-4001593-13
Closure 100-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--100-40017104-21
Closure 120-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--120-40019124-28
Closure 28-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--28-4001161-2
Closure 33-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--33-4001135-2
Closure 38-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--38-4001140-3
Closure 45-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--45-4001147-4
Closure 48-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--48-400----
Closure 53-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--53-4001260-5
Closure 58-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--58-4001256-6
Closure 63-400 ribbed side, smooth topPP--63-4001266-6
Closure 28-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--28-4001030-2
Closure 33-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--33-4001135-2
Closure 38-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--38-4001140-3
Closure 45-400 smooth side, smooth topPP--45-4001147-4
Closure 33-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--33-4001335-2
Closure 38-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--38-4001240-3
Closure 45-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--45-4001347-4
Closure 48-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--48-4001250-4
Closure 53-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--53-4001256-5
Closure 58-400 ribbed side, matte topPP--58-4001260-6
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