The Swiss Packaging Award is the Swiss platform for creativity and innovation in the packaging industry. With this award, the Swiss Packaging Institute honors outstanding services and packaging solutions. The aim of this national competition is to showcase the creativity and innovative power of the Swiss packaging industry – an industry that sets new standards every year with its ideas and developments. Winners of the Swiss Packaging Award are eligible to participate in the World Star Packaging Award, the international competition for the best packaging in the world.

This year we participated with our SpringFlex System in Category B: Convenience.

About the SpringFlex System

The SpringFlex System is a revolution in the Nail Polish packaging. Thanks to a tension spring integrated in the cap, the brush reaches the bottom of the bottle in every condition and is therefore always wetted with paint at most. SpringFlex facilitates a great deal of application, improved emptying of resources and a time-saving during the application. A big advantage for example for professional nail salons.

The jury rewarded our innovation with the Swiss Packaging Award 2019!

The comment of the Jury:

The SpringFlex System is a convenience-innovation. The system solves a problem easily and conveniently. The closure has a built-in spring mechanism that keeps the applicator in the same position in the bottle. Unlike conventional nail polish bottles, it is therefore no longer necessary to open and close the cap again and again in order to optimally wet the applicator brush. This brings a significant relief and time savings.