The alternative to polluting aerosols: SQUEEZY produces foam just by compressing the bottle, without propellants. Unlike conventional foam pumps, the patented Foam-Module EZ’R of Albéa reduces the material use by 50% and does not contain any metal parts à optimal product compatibility with delicate bulk & recycling in one piece. All of this at an attractive price also for the cosmetic mass market.

Foam without greenhouse gases

The foam produces by the mere compressing of the PP-bottle – without any need of propellants: During the compression the bulk is mixed with air that is drawn trough the dip tube:

Product Compatibility & Easy-Recycling

Due to pressure activation there is no need of a pump mechanism – and therefore no need of a metal spring à the packaging is made entirely pf plastic and can hence be recycled in one piece. Optimal product compatibility is guaranteed also for delicate bulk and for allergy products.

Foam is Efficiency

By mixing in air, the volume of the bulk is multiplied, without addition of water à less bulk ends up in the natural life cycle. Compared to liquid soaps the water consumption is reduced by 20 %.

Easy SQUEEZE-Dosage & One-handed Use

The bottle was designed in such way that the dosage of the foam can be defined by one-handed pressure on the bottle. The output no longer depends on a fix pump stroke. Therefore, even larger body parts can be moistened with one single SQUEEZE, while the other hand remains free à new emerging applications in baby- and nursery care.

Simplicity & Easy Decoration

The round bottle shape allows different decoration possibilities and the straight-forward snap on system of the cap, filling on every production line.