Summer is coming! And we are the partner for you to make the perfect packaging solution for your sunscreen. We have different types of bottles, tubes, and rollers with matching pumps, sprayers, and roll-on systems. Choose a classic bottle or create your own look with a customized bottle and design. Only one new packaging solution or an entirely new line. We can provide you a total solution of any kind, and help you with brand strategy and design.


The first model we can offer is the Costa bottle, a classic model within the sunscreen market. The Costa bottle is perfect to match with a sprayer for a sunscreen product that has to be sprayed on. The design on the sides of the bottle ensures a nice grip that easies the apply of the sunscreen. The material of the bottle is PET, which makes the choice of colour endless. To make the perfect packaging solution we can offer matching sprayers and caps that ensure the right dosage of the product. Contact us for the possibilities or click on the button below to request a quote.



Looking for sunscreen packaging that stands out? We have the Lido bottle with a striking Trigger sprayer. The Lido bottle with Trigger sprayer is perfect for kids sunscreen. The Lido Trigger sprayer gives the bottle a playful look and makes it easy to apply the sunscreen. Besides the playful look the Trigger sprayer ensures that the sunscreen product is misted onto the skin. The material of the Lido bottle is HDPE. Both the bottle and the Trigger sprayer are available in different colours. Choose the standard orange colour or choose a bottle with your own design and colours. We can provide a total solution and help with brand strategy and design.


Bottle Crea & Bottle Crea spray

The bottle Crea and bottle Crea spray are also classic sunscreen bottle models. These bottles can be used for both cream products and liquid products for sprayers. Choose a nice colour or go for classic white with a label. The compatible sprayer ensures the correct dosage of the product. The material of the bottles is PP. The bottles and sprayers are available in multiple colours. We can help you with brand strategy and design.


Tube & Oslo

The Tube bottle with a snap on cap is perfect for face suncream. Because the snap on cap is located at the bottom of the bottle, the formula can be properly dosed. The Oslo is a roll-on bottle with Ball-Housing. The roll-on system makes applying sunscreen faster and easier. In addition, rollers are widely used for kids sunscreen. This makes it more fun for kids to apply and easier for parents, so that they can see which spots they haven’t had yet. The material of the Tube is PE and the material of the Oslo is PP. Both bottles are available in multiple colours.


Fully customizable

We can offer a fully customized packaging solution for your sunscreen products. The bottles, caps, pumps, sprayers, and roll-systems can be offered in different sizes and colours and special features or decoration can be added. This way a full solution can be offered for every suitable sunscreen product. Ask for the possibilities and we can design your complete sunscreen product line for 2022. Below you can see some examples in design and artwork we can provide.

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