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NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
Scoop 39cc with long handlePP39--2746-6
Scoop 43cc with long handlePP43--3046-6
Scoop 48cc with long handlePP48--3346-6
Scoop 50cc with long handlePP50--3546-6
Scoop 53cc with long handlePP53--3746-6
Scoop 55cc with long handlePP55--3846-6
Scoop 60cc with long handlePP60--4146-8
Scoop 67cc with long handlePP67--4646-8
Scoop 70cc with long handlePP70--4946-8
Scoop 73cc with long handlePP73--5146-8
Scoop 80cc with long handlePP88--5546-8
Scoop 90cc with long handlePP90--4057-10
Scoop 94cc with long handlePP94--4257-10
Scoop 118.4cc with long handlePP118.4--5357-11
Scoop 148cc with long handlePP148--6657-11
Scoop 0.15cc with short handlePP0.15--410--
Scoop 1cc with medium handlePP1--717--
Scoop 5cc with medium handlePP5--1325--
Scoop 9cc with medium handlePP9--2028--
Scoop 15cc with short handlePP15--2730--
Scoop 20cc with short handlePP20--1941--
Scoop 25cc with short handlePP25--2341--
Scoop 29.6cc with short handlePP30--2741--
Scoop 43cc with short handlePP43--3045--
Scoop 53cc with short handlePP53--3645--
Scoop 77cc with long handlePP77--5546-12
Scoop 50cc with short handlePP50--3746-8
Scoop 50cc with long handlePP50--3746-9
Scoop 60cc with short handlePP60--4446-9
Scoop 60cc with long handlePP60--4446-10
Scoop 77cc with short handlePP77--5546-10
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