Scoop 25cc with short handle


Berlin Packaging Netherlands offers multiple sizes of the Scoop. The scoops come in different sizes and with different handle sizes. Also the scoops are available in many different colours.




Multiple colours


Size (ml)

Overflow (ml)

Neck finish

Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Label Height (mm)

Weight (g)

Pallet specs


Pallet Quantity


Pallet Dimensions (cm)

122 x 102 x 210

Pallet Weight (kg)


Packaging specs




Dimensions (cm)

62 x 35 x 36

Weight (kg)


Other products in this category

NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
Scoop 39cc with long handlePP39--2746-6
Scoop 43cc with long handlePP43--3046-6
Scoop 48cc with long handlePP48--3346-6
Scoop 50cc with long handlePP50--3546-6
Scoop 53cc with long handlePP53--3746-6
Scoop 55cc with long handlePP55--3846-6
Scoop 60cc with long handlePP60--4146-8
Scoop 67cc with long handlePP67--4646-8
Scoop 70cc with long handlePP70--4946-8
Scoop 73cc with long handlePP73--5146-8
Scoop 80cc with long handlePP88--5546-8
Scoop 90cc with long handlePP90--4057-10
Scoop 94cc with long handlePP94--4257-10
Scoop 118.4cc with long handlePP118.4--5357-11
Scoop 148cc with long handlePP148--6657-11
Scoop 0.15cc with short handlePP0.15--410--
Scoop 1cc with medium handlePP1--717--
Scoop 5cc with medium handlePP5--1325--
Scoop 9cc with medium handlePP9--2028--
Scoop 15cc with short handlePP15--2730--
Scoop 20cc with short handlePP20--1941--
Scoop 25cc with short handlePP25--2341--
Scoop 29.6cc with short handlePP30--2741--
Scoop 43cc with short handlePP43--3045--
Scoop 53cc with short handlePP53--3645--
Scoop 77cc with long handlePP77--5546-12
Scoop 50cc with short handlePP50--3746-8
Scoop 50cc with long handlePP50--3746-9
Scoop 60cc with short handlePP60--4446-9
Scoop 60cc with long handlePP60--4446-10
Scoop 77cc with short handlePP77--5546-10
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