Petpacker 950ml with 53mm J-Cap neck finish


The petpacker is typically used for pharmaceuticals, vitamins and nutritional supplements in pill or tablet form. The J-Cap (Hinge-Guard) neck style accepts snap-on, tamper-evident hinged closures.




Multiple colours


Size (ml)

Overflow (ml)

Neck finish

Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Label Height (mm)

Weight (g)

Pallet specs


Pallet Quantity


Pallet Dimensions (cm)

100 x 120 x 127

Pallet Weight (kg)


Packaging specs




Dimensions (cm)

100 x 60 x 18

Weight (kg)


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NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
Petpacker 55ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET558038mm J-Cap66453917
Petpacker 400ml with 53mm J-Cap neck finishPET40045253mm J-Cap130739354
Petpacker 75ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET7510638mm J-Cap82455617
Petpacker 75ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finish - NL versionPET7510638mm J-Cap82455617
Petpacker 100ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET10012438mm J-Cap87475917
Petpacker 120ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET12014238mm J-Cap92496317
Petpacker 120ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finish - Wide versionPET12016738mm J-Cap95546322
Petpacker 150ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET15017038mm J-Cap104507522
Petpacker 175ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET17519138mm J-Cap97576425
Petpacker 200ml with 38mm J-Cap neck finishPET20024138mm J-Cap109597625
Petpacker 200ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET20025945mm J-Cap115598329
Petpacker 225ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET22525045mm J-Cap108607129
Petpacker 250ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET25029345mm J-Cap111647729
Petpacker 300ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET30036845mm J-Cap119698138
Petpacker 400ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET40044545mm J-Cap131739138
Petpacker 500ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET50052145mm J-Cap135789552
Petpacker 500ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finish - EU versionPET50052145mm J-Cap130808852
Petpacker 500ml with 53mm J-Cap neck finishPET50053153mm J-Cap135789554
Petpacker 625ml with 45mm J-Cap neck finishPET62561845mm J-Cap1567811552
Petpacker 625ml with 53mm J-Cap neck finishPET62567453mm J-Cap1568110754
Petpacker 750ml with 53mm J-Cap neck finishPET75081753mm J-Cap1638810965
Petpacker 950ml with 53mm J-Cap neck finishPET95098553mm J-Cap1789212474
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