Glass Pharma Jar 300ml with snap on 42mm neck finish


The Glass Pharma Jar is a great and sustainable solution for pharmaceuticals which require a tamper evident. The snap on neck finish requires a Pharma Cap with pull ring. The cap is pressed onto the jar and gives a tamper evident in the form of a pull ring. The Pharma Jars are ideal for tablets or pills.




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NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
Glass Pharma Jar 20ml with snap on 27mm neck finishGlass2027Snap on 27mm48353235
Glass Pharma Jar 30ml with snap on 34mm neck finishGlass3042Snap on 34mm47424243
Glass Pharma Jar 50ml with snap on 34mm neck finishGlass5060Snap on 34mm62424350
Glass Pharma Jar 60ml with snap on 34mm neck finishGlass6075Snap on 34mm70445065
Glass Pharma Jar 75ml with snap on 34mm neck finishGlass7585Snap on 34mm86426667
Glass Pharma Jar 100ml with snap on 42mm neck finishGlass100110Snap on 42mm68534473
Glass Pharma Jar 110ml with snap on 42mm neck finishGlass110120Snap on 42mm74565080
Glass Pharma Jar 125ml with snap on 42mm neck finishGlass125144Snap on 42mm85536188
Glass Pharma Jar 175ml with snap on 42mm neck finishGlass175185Snap on 42mm1105485114
Glass Pharma Jar 200ml with snap on 42mm neck finishGlass200220Snap on 42mm946462140
Glass Pharma Jar 300ml with snap on 42mm neck finishGlass300320Snap on 42mm13264100185
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