Custom Moulding & Tooling

If you can’t find exactly the right design within our wide range of standard moulds then the company’s Design Team can create it for you. Berlin Packaging Netherlands has a full custom moulding service for exclusive designs of bottles, caps and jars, and can also manufacture other custom moulded components for all industry sectors.

Berlin’s Design Team has market-leading expertise and has created bespoke packaging solutions for a wide range of products, from mainstream household brand names to exclusive designer lines. They include many unique shapes and opening features, some of which are now as recognisable as the brands for which they were originally created. We can work from your own drawings or our Design Team will work with you to create new ideas to your own specification.

We understand that you need to hold and feel your bespoke container before committing to a full production run and are able to prototype and model new shapes so that you can see and feel the real model in your hands before tooling up. The in-house toolmaking team will then engineer the mould further speeding up production.

In addition we are able to offer a range of flexible funding methods which include:

  • Outright purchase and ownership
  • Amortisation over an agreed period
  • Part ownership with limited period of exclusivity
  • As an addition to Berlin’s standard range Berlin Packaging Netherlands will manage your complete project from start to finish including the following aspects:

Our Sales Team are happy to discuss the range of options with you in more detail.

  • Packaging design – 3D Printer
  • Tool design
  • In-house tool manufacture
  • Packaging development
  • Decoration process development including silk screen printing, pad printing, hot foil blocking, labelling and shrink sleeving

What’s more, this is all done on site, so adjustments can be trialled and lines amended very quickly. With such extensive experience and capabilities close at hand, new product development timelines can be very short. Once ideas are finalised, a complete project, from concept to delivery, can take just weeks.